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Mildura, Victoria (VIC)

The Australian regional city of Mildura is located in northwest Victoria. Mildura, which is situated on the Murray River's Victorian side, has 34,565 residents in 2021. At June 2018, the region had an estimated urban population of 51,903 when Wentworth, Irymple, Nichols Point, and Merbein are taken into account. Over the previous five years, the area had slightly increased at an average yearly rate of 0.88% year-on-year. In the Sunraysia region, it is the biggest town. 80% of Victoria's grapes come from Mildura, a significant horticultural center known for its grape production. Mildura is another popular source of grapes for wineries. The border with New South Wales is just across the way. The Murray River banks are not too far from the city's central business sector. With a pedestrian plaza in the centre, Langtree Avenue serves as Mildura's primary shopping and dining district. In the Mildura South neighborhood, along Fifteenth Street, there is another significant retail zone with a medium-sized undercover shopping mall and a number of big-box retailers. The Mildura farmhouse, a former sheep station that occupied the majority of the region, served as the inspiration for the city's name. The Mildura urban area is surrounded by irrigated horticulture, where the Murray River was used to irrigate the first grape and citrus blocks.

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