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Townsville, Queensland (QLD)

The Australian state of Queensland's northeastern coast is home to the city of Townsville. It is the largest settlement in North Queensland and, as of June 2018, had 180,820 residents, making it the unofficial capital. For the northern half of the state, Townsville is home to a sizable number of governmental, community, and important commercial administrative offices. It is situated towards the center of the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland's dry tropics and is a part of the larger local government area of the City of Townsville. One of the largest zinc refineries in the world, a nickel refinery, and numerous other similar operations are located in the city, which is also a significant industrial hub. In order to accommodate significantly larger cargo and passenger ships, $30M in operations to expand the Port of Townsville are currently underway as of December 2020. These operations include channel widening and the construction of a 70-tonne Liebherr Super Post Panamax Ship-to-Shore crane. Due to its proximity to Asia and significant business partners like China, it is a port that is becoming more and more significant.

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