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Perth WA, Australia

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Addaptor, situated in Perth, Australia, has been developing mobile applications for almost a decade. We use technology to revolutionize enterprises, from corporate logistics software to mobile e-commerce, and from artificial intelligence to augmented reality. We have the experience to customize your mobile app solution whether you are a startup or an enterprise. We create high-quality native iOS and Android mobile apps as well as the servers that run them.


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Agora Livestock Markets

View spot and future rates for cattle, sheep, and goats directly from buyers and book directly with them. The portal, which was created exclusively for livestock buyers, farmers, lot feeders, stock agencies, and traders, allows you to search and filter price grids, save your preferred searches and pricing, save prices and receive notifications when the buyer changes them, directly sell shares to buyers and obtain the most recent sale yard reports from MLA and livestock agents. Agora Livestock can be used to search for pricing and keep up with the market, search for prices from abattoirs, feedlots, live exporters, backgrounders, restockers, and traders may be found here -- this means you'll be able to examine lightweight, over-the-hook (OTH), and dollar-per-head rates in one location. Contact buyers when you are considering about selling, and many more.

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Download the new Paywise App for mobile management of your salary packaging account! Enjoy 24-hour access to your transactional data, easily make claims, and keep track of your Paywise Card or payments at a glance.

My Bushfire Plan

My Bushfire Plan

The My Bushfire Plan app is a bushfire preparedness application that allows you to develop, store, share, and update your bushfire plan from any device at any time. This app does not give wildfire alarms or warnings. For official warnings and current information on bushfires, storms, cyclones, and floods, please visit

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The new Transperth app makes it even easier to use public transportation in Perth. • Track your bus, rail, or boat on a map in real time* • Locate neighboring stops and stations, as well as current service times • Use JourneyPlanner to plan your journey. • Create an account, link it, and monitor your SmartRider balance and My Alerts notifications. • Bookmark your favorite stops, stations, and routes for easy access to arrival times. • Take control of your SmartParker cars and bike shelters.

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58 James Street

Perth WA 6003