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About us

Appello is a full-service software company in Australia that provides competitive mobile and web software development to enterprise and startup clients. We develop award-winning apps, online applications, and software products. Our extensive expertise places us among the top software vendors in Australia and Asia-Pacific. Providing quick and efficient software solutions for a variety of businesses and sectors. We have established ourself as a leader in the IT business during the last decade. We have developed a number of valuable partnerships with clients and business partners along the road.




Huggg is a VC backed iMessage, iPhone, iPad, and Android app. Based in England users can send virtual messages to contacts that can redeem for real gifts such as coffee, food and other things.



Foxo is Australia’s leading app for healthcare professionals. Foxo is an advanced cross messaging, video and voice sharing platform that connects all staff in one simple to use the platform across mobile, tablet and desktop.

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Where The Truck

Where The Truck puts all of your favourite Food Trucks on the one map every day, making your search for lunch & dinner a whole lot truckin’ easier. Discover which of our 500+ Food Trucks are roaming the streets close to you; pinpoint their exact location via the interactive map, explore their individual menus, order whichever delicacies tingle your taste buds and pay for your meal – all without stepping a foot outside! All that is left to do then, is to collect your meal! Where The Truck also offers the ability to book a Food Truck for your next function, a loyalty rewards program putting ‘Truck Bucks’ back into your pocket and keeps you up to date with all the latest news and offers.

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My Charity Change

My Charity Change is a unique service that rounds up the extra change from your daily transactions and donates it to charities or not-for-profit organisations of your choice. The simplicity of the application gives any Australian the opportunity to donate to their favourite cause and use their extra change (rounded up to the nearest dollar) to create Change for Change. We have developed this application with the commitment to making a real difference to Australian charitable causes with a vision of assisting charities and not-for-profit organisations raise over $10 million.

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