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Sydney NSW, Australia

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About us

Arcade is a Sydney-based app development company that helps startups and enterprises bring world-class digital products to people around the world. We were established in 2009 and since then have grown into one of Australia's top software and app development agencies. Quality is our top priority, so we ensure 100% collaboration with our clients to make their ideas a reality - up to the very last detail.


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It's similar to messaging with your face. Video messages allow you to communicate in a private, personal, and enjoyable manner. There will be no more chatting over each other and no more scheduling. Stickytape allows you to watch, laugh, and respond whenever it is convenient for you. Add your pals via phone number so you know it's them and not some crypto shill. Elon, I'm looking at you. CIRCLES - Your Stickytape groupings. Create groups with your pals or talk one-on-one with direct messaging. Within each Circle, keep an eye on, record, and send your communications. Stickytape ensures that you never unintentionally transmit baking instructions to your football team. Direct responses allow you to keep conversations on track when they veer off course. Messages do not disappear after 7 seconds. Stickytape allows you to retain.



Onepath delivers a revenue stream for a non-profit.

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Elgas assists with the ordering of gas for millions of Australian households. You may monitor your orders, request a refill bottle, and manage various properties and locations in Elgas.

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