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Dianapps is one of the world's leading mobile app development businesses. Our team is made up of a group of fun-loving technical nomads who provide one-of-a-kind IT solutions to startups, companies, and the government. Transparency, Creativity, Attention to Detail, and Excellence are the four cornerstones of our existence and survival. We create popular mobile applications. We also create responsive websites that may take your company to the next level. We provide unique digital marketing solutions to help your company stand out in a congested environment.


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Sesh is a popular software for easily accessible group help led by industry experts. It is a low-cost approach to achieve your mental health objectives. Top psychologists, therapists, and mental health professionals recommend it. Sesh is a fantastic starting point for people who are just starting their mental health journey, as well as a supplement for those who are already practicing other forms of mental health treatment, such as individual therapy.

MyShift US

MyShift US

Myshift is an on-demand labor network for businesses that connects businesses with available employees to fill their shifts and individuals with chances to work shifts that match their schedule. How much they want and where they want.

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FireHouse 24/7 is a web-based scheduling program designed exclusively for fire stations. The program is divided into components such as calendar, schedule, overtime, details, messaging, and so on. The system is extremely customizable, allowing for customized management needs and union bylaws.

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Welcome to chatmaite, the chat program that lets you include AI characters (emajis) in your chat groups. When you're conversing with your pals, Emojis may provide you with information you need - think of them as another member of your group! Simply press the chatmaite icon to the left of the typing bar, or compose a message and tap the chatmaite icon, to chat with the emajis. To communicate with other members of your group, use the normal arrow on the right of the text bar.

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