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Elegant Media is a mobile app development firm established in Melbourne, Australia that provides commercial solutions. Our clientele span from first-time entrepreneurs to large-scale commercial firms, as well as government agencies. We employ mobile technology to launch new ventures and increase the efficiency of existing businesses. Quality is our primary focus. We constantly make certain that the products we develop provide commercial value while also being simple to use.


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Star Shopper

The ASB GetWise financial literacy education initiative for New Zealand kids includes the Star Shopper app. It is intended to help you become more financially savvy as you practice skills such as comparison shopping, keeping track of your expenditure, and saving for unforeseen occurrences. This software, created using augmented reality (AR) technology, takes you on a shopping excursion to a planet far distant from Earth. Yes, you can go to space without ever leaving your house or school! Prepare to put your money abilities to the test in an unusual, out-of-this-world situation, and discover how the same money principles that apply on Earth can be used everywhere. You'll have a great time exploring and purchasing alien devices, books, chocolates, and other items at the intergalactic shopping mall!

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Heels Down Fitness

Elegant Media is pleased of the success of Heels Down Fitness. This App exemplifies how a brilliant App idea can be transformed into a viable App business. This App, which was only released in July 2020, has already generated a lot of interest in horse riding groups all around the world. Heels Down Fitness is an equestrian fitness and lifestyle program that will help you become fit, sweat, achieve your goals, learn life hacks from both the fitness and equestrian worlds, and, most importantly, love life! This equestrian health and fitness software is developed for all riders and non-riders to understand their muscles and bodies' incredible potential outside of the saddle in order to have the best connection with your horse while back in the saddle.

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Your Happy Place

Our Happy Place is meant to keep track of your emotions, where you travel, what you do, and how well your requirements are addressed. The record you produce by simply selecting icons and adding optional diary notes generates a daily feed, which might assist you in discovering correlations between your moods and the activities and places in your life. Your Happy Place can also assist you in determining which places and activities best suit your personality type and make you happy. Giving you knowledge to assist you in determining how to enhance your emotional and physical well-being. Simultaneously, you may contribute to research that will enable decision-makers to design, create, and manage the places in your life that match your needs.



AP SWIPE SCROLL your way to VCE Health and Human Development Units 3&4 success! How would you like a resource to help you study, prepare for SACs, and revise your work throughout the year? How sure do you want to be when you walk inside the exam room in November? This VCE HHD34 App is designed for you. What will this App do for you? What are its distinguishing characteristics? An OVERVIEW of the most important facts concerning Units 3&4 HHD. Each KEY KNOWLEDGE element from the VCAA Study Design is covered in one of 26 discrete sections, making the study's pertinent portions easy to recognize and navigate. A thorough and succinct SUMMARY OF KEY KNOWLEDGE with key phrases marked throughout - simply mouse over them to get the definition. A TOOLKIT that includes guidance on how to practice the KEY SKILLS. IN CONTEXT AND CONNECTIONS is a portion that gives you the ties to other areas of the study and sections of the App, as well as ways to learn more about comprehending the topic. A comprehensive collection of RESOURCES, including connections to valuable websites and YouTube channels. The Test ESSENTIALS section contains information about the format of the end-of-year exam, what you need to know and be able to complete, exam tips for November links to previous VCAA exams, important messages from the Examination Reports, and a glossary of exam terminology. #HHD POP-UPS gives you additional extensive information, as well as valuable notes, general and specialized test hints, tricks, advice, and suggestions to further investigate. Interactive FLASHCARDS assist you in revising the information from key knowledge points as well as understanding the meaning of crucial vocabulary. Separate GLOSSARIES cover key phrases from Units 3&4, key action terms, and key terms from the Study Design.

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