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Five2One is an award-winning app development company based in Sydney, Australia. Through technology, we help you innovate and connect with your target users. We've helped our clients launch digital products in over 20+ industries. Not simply another development organization. We are deeply committed to using technology to solve issues and create digital experiences. So, in our leisure time, you'll find us creating digital tools to make developers' lives easier.


Onroute app


Onroute approached us to provide a cutting-edge modern solution for the modern traveller. People want to share their lives and experiences, and they should not be restricted to Facebook's timeline. Onroute is a location-sharing newsfeed application that let users to monitor and share their routes with others. Onroute's primary issue was location tracking accuracy along with battery utilization. Because location sharing was incredibly energy heavy, Five2One had to devise a clever solution while retaining the purity of the real program. To enable for a speedy market release, the program was divided into MVP-driven parts. The software was provided to the founder for testing every three weeks and was constructed in an agile way to avoid creeping scope and becoming feature heavy. In addition, we built a changeable architecture to broaden the scope and add a peer-to-peer or friend-and-follow system. To establish a decent balance between battery drainage and location accuracy, we performed regressive location-based testing and optimization.

Kalinga app


Kalinga approached us in need of a feature-rich solution that would serve as the Uber of healthcare. They sought to monopolize the market for disability and elder care. The solution required to have a simple UX and a solid software that allowed caregivers and patients to connect easily. They required admin access to the executive team in order to authorize caregivers and manage any complaints. They also need a real-time messaging service that would allow patients and caregivers to interact, book future appointments automatically, and carry out all financial activities within the app automatically. Five2One divided the application according to clients; we used a customer-driven development methodology. We decided to integrate the carer and patient apps into one since we heard from numerous customers who wanted to be both caretakers and patients. To reduce sign-up reluctance, we allowed users to fully sample the product before committing to using the app, which significantly raised our conversion. The app was created utilizing technologies and methods that allowed the client and founders to use the app from the start of the development cycle, limiting any gaps to one week. This was critical in gathering user feedback. The app was divided into three sections: the mobile app,

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