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Launchpad is the most cost-effective app development company in the Australian market. We work with entrepreneurs to develop cutting-edge digital health, fitness, and medical solutions that enhance consumers' lives and challenge conventional business structures. Beyond only creating your app, we provide other services. In order to get your app out there and into more people's hands faster, we stick with you along the way with Support & Maintenance, continuous Feature Updates, and Growth Marketing.


Laughscape mobile app


Laughscape is a comedic relaxation app which helps people relax from their day to day stressed without the seriousness of traditional 'guided meditation'. Each audio session will be hosted by well known comedians who take users on irreverent, humorous journeys allowing people to laugh their way to relaxation. Popular comedians from around the world will introduce you to a brand new way to relax, meditate and detach from your stresses. Audio Sessions provide the fundamentals of traditional guided meditation sessions and flip them on their heads. They’re designed to make you laugh and relax.

BrickFit mobile app logo


BrickFit is a revolutionary new product that helps kids build their fitness – and rewards them with the epic creativity of LEGO® bricks along the way. Created by The Brickman® (LEGO Certified Professional and LEGO Masters Australia judge, Ryan McNaught), BrickFit comes with 180+ challenges to unlock as you go! BrickFit is compatible with all activity trackers that use Apple Health or Garmin Connect.

Liminal Wellbeing mobile app

Liminal Wellbeing

Liminal Wellbeing is a student-focused wellbeing app that provides young people with resources to support their mental health and wellbeing. Designed to empower students, Liminal is helping change the way we learn about wellbeing. With the Liminal app you will be able to track your wellbeing progress, access inspiring stories, reach out for support when you need it and discover helpful activities that enable a healthy wellbeing. Liminal works closely with psychologists to bring you evidence-based resources that are easy to understand, time efficient and relatable so that you can begin building your wellbeing toolkit.

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