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Brisbane QLD, Australia

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About us

Moonward is a Brisbane-based app development company which consists of a diverse staff with varied perspectives, orientation, and cultures. We enjoy setting lofty objectives. Projects that stretch us to our boundaries with innovative ideas, daring goals, and next-level opportunities. We want every client to join us in our journey of discovery and achieve the impossible.


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M Challenge

The M challenge is a 12-week online body transformation program that has helped thousands of people throughout the country attain and stay in the greatest condition of their life. If you've tried everything to reduce weight, gain muscle, and get in shape without success, the M Challenge is precisely what you need!

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Olympia is a gym located in Brisbane's CBD sector. The app allows clients and trainers to communicate and improve their transformations. Olympia is committed to providing its clients with the most convenient and pleasurable gym experience possible, with a special emphasis on adopting innovative techniques that raise the standard and challenge the industry as a whole.

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Steppen is a marketplace for free fitness creators. It is intended to assist fitness producers in building, showcasing, and monetising their online community while also assisting followers in achieving their fitness objectives!

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Checkit allows customers to verify car registrations via the PPSR in a straightforward and quick manner. You may take a photo to see whether the automobile you want to buy has been stolen, is financed, or has been written off. Checkit enables obtaining pre-purchased automobile reports straightforward, quick, and easy by scanning the license plate or entering the VIN information. Users may do a vehicle check in seconds and determine whether the vehicle they are interested in is a good bargain. ‍

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