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Hobart TAS, Australia

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Secret Lab, founded in 2008, is a game and creative technology agency based in Hobart, Australia. We've been creating games, narrative experiences, and technology for culture, history, arts, storytelling, and beyond. We primarily work on our own projects, but if you're lucky, you might be able to hire us to create games, interactive content, fancy apps, or to add features to, or support, your Yarn Spinner integration.


Bill Shock mobile

Bill Shock

The Easter Bunny has hidden several surprises among the homes. Find the eggs and assist the humans in reaching huge totals during this unique event! Be a quoll, infiltrate homes, switch on all of their appliances, and rack up the electric bill. We presume that people enjoy it. Avoid the homeowner's attentive eyes, and switch on as many things as you can to acquire the highest power bill possible. Time your moves to avoid being noticed, and take advantage of peak and off-peak billing times to achieve the greatest possible outcome. Play this game to find out how the decisions you, or quolls, make effect your electricity bill. Bill Shock is a new game by Tasmania’s electricity network service provider, TasNetworks.

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