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xEnabler is an Australian-based app development company founded in 2011. We collaborate with you to provide the finest possible solutions via continual innovation. We assist in the development of new solutions for a number of sectors in order to support your customer's journey and optimize every touch-point. We develop smart solutions that use cutting-edge technology to transform businesses and industries. We are deeply committed to producing great and perfect products.


Wheelchair Book & Ride

Wheelchair Book & Ride

A wheelchair-accessible taxi booking service similar to Uber. A sophisticated, real-time, location-based, centralised booking system for wheelchair-accessible taxis in Sydney, making it easier to arrange a trip in an appropriate vehicle.

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The Gifted

The Gifted platform allows users to buy items from local merchants and deliver them to their loved ones as a gift of products and experiences.

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Ad-hoc meeting experience that is seamless. Muster enables users to send, receive, and manage events from a single location, regardless of whether they were delivered to emails or phone numbers.

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Tradiecom is a solution for work automation. The app is intended for tradespeople and small to medium-sized enterprises. The primary elements are the creation and management of trade and service employment. Plumbing, tiling, electricians, painting, roofing, construction services, and other trades and services that need customer visits or field operations can benefit from this.

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