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Melbourne VIC, Australia

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11 - 50 employees



About us

Zuse Digital is a Melbourne-based company dedicated to facilitating Digital Prosperity. We use research, strategy, and creativity to create great mobile and online apps that enable individuals to realize their full potential. This is only feasible because of our proactive approach to empathy. We don't just walk in other people's shoes; we create creative paths that make them go quicker! Our aim is to become a galvanizing force for good change, with the utmost integrity to our people, the products they create, and the customers we serve.


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A multilingual travel platform available on all platforms that allows you to not only book flights, hotels, and activities, but also organize your entire vacation by the hour with 24-hour help. Exploring the globe should be as simple as turning on a faucet. Each area was focused on the highest quality things in order to provide an experience rather than a solution. A genuine concierge service at your disposal.

C-19 Tracker

C-19 Tracker

The app gives important healthcare information to the public and analyzes and models their prior travel patterns to determine likely contact and risk of family transmission. Additionally, the App enables the Victorian State Government to conduct more cost-effective risk mapping, resource deployment, and COVID-19 prevention, containment, and eradication.

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Worc is a social recruitment app that tackles this issue in a matter of swipes. Giving companies the ability to post last-minute shifts allows them to engage temporary personnel to fill in as needed. Businesses may continue to function efficiently as staff performs flexible, instant-paying jobs with Worc. That way, no one will be taken off guard again!



Giggers is a Gig-economy employment marketplace that allows any casual worker who joins the app's community to obtain additional contract work and an assurance that they will be paid. Employers may conduct interviews within the app using video questions and responses, making the whole process more smooth.

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58 James Street

Perth WA 6003